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Stronger than our DNA
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The baby Boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964. Although we have been given more opportunity than previous generations we don't seem to be leaving the world in a better state than when we inherited it. We're sorry we didn't mean to make such a mess and we hope that our grand children will forgive us one day!


Everyone needs someone to love. Hopefully it's recipricated!

This song was written for all the grandparents who love their grandchildren dearly but are grateful that they don't live with them. As the song says "Two days in a row is enough".

Peace at last.jpg
Back in the day.jpg

Is it a song about Superman, or a song about how we all get older?

drop in the ocean.jpg

This song is about the tales we tell our children which seem to be far too frightening for such little ones!

The Kitchen Stools are a bunch of mature musicians living in Edinburgh who have been recording their own material since 2010. The musicians sometimes come and go but they are constantly powered by the songs of Hugh Dailly, Ray Simpson and Charlie Traylor. 


No formula, no rules, nothing denied. Financially independent we only want to share our art with the world.

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